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Re: combination

Posted by Kim B. on 8/10/00 at 18:34 (025156)

For me it was the combination of being barefoot way too often on hard ceramic tile floors, starting a walking exercise program without (proper warm ups, I guess), bad shoes (didn't know better at the time), perediposition to muscle strains that heal slowly. Wouldn't be suprised if too many carbs and the added foot tax of caring for a new home and a small child.

A combination of things. I am type A and don't know how to take it easy. I'm trying to learn. It seams that everything that would help me costs a small fortune. For example, I just found an 'inversion table that I would give a try' but it runs almost 400 bucks. I should have been born rich! $$$ May not make pain go away, but it sure can make pain more comfortable.

Kim B.