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Re: Antibiotics

Posted by Kim B. on 8/10/00 at 23:05 (025176)

Hi gang, as many of you know I was diagonsed with Fibromyalgia (FM) 5 years ago. I am very prone to tendonitis. I've often said that FM is like having tendonits or carpal tunnel of the body. I sprain and strain very easily and my muscles and tendons are typically very slow to heal if I even slighlty overuse them.

Anyway this tread caught my eye, and I looked up Floxin in one of my pill books, and found an interesting warning mixed in with the usual garb.

It says: 'Stop: Do not take if sensitive to or allegic to this or other quinolone antibiotics such as Cipro and Noroxine.'

I am asuming that Levaquin falls in that cateogory, based in it's name (quin). Maybe we need to know more about 'quinolone antibiotics'. Does anyone know more about them?

So far I haven't found out any more on 'quinolone', Cipro, (which I know I have taken,) or Noroxine. Could this on going tendonitis problem be an allergic reaction or something like that? If so, could there be an antidote? Just thought I'd share this incase anyone else wants to research further.

Regards, Kim B.