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Finally got to see that episode of Survivor. It was "small feet" that made them last.

Posted by Beverly on 8/13/00 at 14:57 (025374)

I finally got to see that episode of 'Survivor' you all were speculating about a few days ago. The station reran it, because so many people called in complaining about not getting to see it when they had 'air trouble.'

I've figured it out. I don't think age had that much to do with staying on the boards the longest. It was small feet. The women lasted the longest because the board took up more room under their feet. And it was the most petite women who stayed up there the longest. We should let those girls know about heelspurs.com, cause' they are going to need us.

And John, now that I see which guy got the yacht trip, it makes sense. Sean is the one who can't make a decision... the one who until recently was voting alphabetically. I think he invited Rich on board for breakfast, because Rich holds power. It was a chance to 'butter up' the powerbroker.