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Judy & Nancy - more in common than feet

Posted by Suzi D on 8/15/00 at 13:14 (025494)

Hi, Sorry I never replied to your messages. I've been busy. yea!

Nancy: I grew up in Lansingburg which is in Troy. Ah, Albany. William Kennedy has written some wonderful books on that city. And my mother-in-law lived in Cambridge for many years. Her second husband was from there. It's a pretty happening little town. The hotel has just been restored and on Main St. they have some neat artsie shops and a food co-op too. Good old homecookin' in the restaurants, also. We were there last April to bury my husband's Mom. Unfortunate way to get back to the town.

Judy: Gretchen graduated with her Bachelors from WMU last April. She starts her Masters in a few weeks. Small world. She's looking for an internship and has an interview on Thursday for a PR job at Miller Auditorium. I'll see if Gretchen knows her. Maybe she'll have her as a teacher. That'd be interesting... You must be proud of her. Who would have thought our feet would lead us to so many common areas? So to speak...