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ossatron focal point of energy.

Posted by Dr, Zuckerman on 8/16/00 at 23:16 (025626)

Ever since Duane E brought up the comparison of the ossatron and the orbaone he taught me that one of the important comparisons in treatment and review of literature is what is the energy in joules/mm2 at the focal point. After reading the FDA report I still don't know that the joules/mm2 at the focal point for the ossatron treatment of pf is. There was a very good disussion on the effects of the increase of joules and tissue damage and or changes. John H pointed out to me that the kv setting were 18 and the shocks were 1500 but there still is no mention at 18kv what amount of joules /mm2 is being produced at the focal point of treatment. I believe this could be of some importance when doing research and reviewing the european literature for long term follow-up. For example there is a study long term by Dr. Rhompe using 0.08 joules.mm2 for pf pain.

There is another article talking about 0.3 joules/mm2 the title calls this high energy . The conclusion with this abstract was that the use of high energy after a one year follow -up using 3000 shocks had 86%
of the patients either being pain free or having some kind of reduction of pain in the heel pain plantar fasciis