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Posted by iris on 8/17/00 at 15:22 (025670)

dear pf family,
words cannot express the gratitude i have for dr. zuckerman. he is a kind, thoughtful, caring, intelligent, knowledgeable person and doctor. i have been treated by him on three different occasions and have received such sspecial care. i have never found a doctor, prior to dr. zuckerman, that was as wonderful. I believe that i am slowly getting better. i live on long island and wish that i was closer to his office. if, in the future, i need surgery, i will make the trip to woodbury rather than try to find someone local, even though there are hundreds of doctors in my area that could do the surgery. i feel that secure in his care. he is that unique and special. if you want to email me, please indicate heelspur otherwise i will nott open the mail. (virus fears)_ iris523