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Tried a chiroptrator...with success...so far

Posted by April on 8/19/00 at 20:48 (025851)

I've been symptom free of PF for 6 months after having it for 2 years. I know though that I'm an accident waiting to happen. One lunge or strange foot movement and I could set it off all over again. So, my husband said try our chiropractor. I did....and it's not worse and may be improving. He put ultrasound therapy on both feet for a couple minutes...then...much to my alarm....pushed right in THE SPOT for about 20 seconds. It hurt but was tolerable. He said not to worry, that it wouldn't hurt afterward...it didn't. I was amazed as I thought he would rip the whole thing. Next morning was ok too. I'm going three times this week to see what he can do. I already feel more flexibility as I did a few things that otherwise would have caused aches with no problem. We'll see. I'm supposed to stretch, ice and massage every day....We'll see....I want to be able to play badminton again...I'll let you know if I make it.