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to salina-sorry about the delay in response!

Posted by dfeet on 8/24/00 at 22:23 (026172)

Hi, salina.
Sorry to hear about your cramping. It's the pits! I had it for about three months straight--I did not have one full night's sleep, and I was pretty miserable. Even while wearing night splints, my feet would go into spasm,esp. my right foot, and I would literally scream out loud. As far as rating my pain from one to ten, at the onset of my affliction, I would have to rate it a ten. I must admit, and I'm not boasting in any way, but I've been told by various docs that I have a very high threshold for pain. I've had multiple corticosteroid injections in various locations, and local surgeries without any difficulty(my doc was funny as he tried to conceal the injections, but commented that I was so 'stoic and did not flinch'). No, I am not a masochist. It's just that the injections were 'cake' compared to the pain I had been suffering.
I am now oscillating on the pain rating of a range of 5-8. This is not so bad, because about 8mos. ago when I'd get home from work all I could do was pack my feet in ice bags, keep my pain to myself(my husband was and is so sick of my situation),cry to myself, take 1200mg of Ibuprofen, rub ibuprofen cream on my feet, strap my night splints on , and go to bed.
Now, my routine is a bit different. Ive weaned myself off the night splints(sometimes I put them on if i'm having a really bad day), take 600-800mg IB and rub IB cream before I go to bed. I still use ice, again, if I have a really bad day. I'm trying to become more active as I used to be, although there are definite limitaitions.
One must listen to his/her body. I didn't and I paid a terrible price,and am still paying. I've come to terms with the idea that my condition seems to have taken the chronic road. 'Chronic' meaning there really isn't a cure. Coping is the key. I'm better. And I hope that yourself and others will be,too. -dfeet