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What should be included in a good foot examination for pf

Posted by Dr. Zuckerman on 8/26/00 at 22:46 (026311)

The doctor should be asking the following :

1. He should first ask you how long this has been going on. What is your typical life like from the moment you get up to the moment you go to sleep. What makes it feel better . What makes it feel worse.
What doctors have you seen. What types of treatment have you had. It he is really smart he will ask you what the other doctor though the problem was. This way he doesn't have to figure out what is wrong sometimes. Go over your health history, do you Diabetes, heart problems , what medications you are taking,

Did you injury the foot. Have you injuried your back , your hips knees. Any particular action such as grass cutting or starting a new sport such as walking .

What types of surgery have you have, knee , hip lower back

He will check your circulation, he will do some neurological testing
He will examine the skin. Some people with heel pain will have a nasty wart causing all of the pain. The range of motion of the foot and ankle will be examined. So will the subtalar joint. All of the joints of the foot and ankele. All of the interspaces of the foot will be examined for neuroma very common in addition to heel pain.

You will walk . Your shoes will be examined. The biomechanical foot type will be determined. Both the good foot and the painful foot will be examined and compared.

X-ray should be taken before any injection is ever considered.

If you want me to continue. with this line of questioning let me know.

I could go into the type of treatment for each degree of pf and stage of pf . I could go into role of physical therapy. orthosis. braces, shoes . ESWT foot surgery. Chirpractic care. Hope to have a chiropractor on this site in the future. Good nite. !!!