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Posted by JudyS on 8/27/00 at 15:31 (026387)

Boy Scott, I really have to hand it to you for working so hard at giving us what we want. I'm serious. Sometimes I actually start thinking your site here is just for me and I get complacent about your actual work. I had an idea a bit ago - someone mentioned that that some newcomers could be put off with our level of familiarity with one another - and yet that particular thing is probably what helps the most with this site. In trying to isolate posts in to more definitive 'groups', maybe you could even add a flag at the top of the main page (perhaps where you've put 'pictures' and 'Dr. Z', perhaps in red, that asks the question 'Are you new to this site?' then, if a newcomer clics on that question, they'd get a paragraph that explains the site and the genesis of each message board group.