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idea about the new board

Posted by alan k on 8/28/00 at 08:06 (026457)

I think one way to highlight the fact that everything is the same if you use the messages since last visit index would be to put it in a box next to the other categories.

I'm not sure if you can post in that index though, which means it isn't exactly the same because you have to click over and click back again to post.

This might seem a small nuisance but in social affairs people always desire and seek the most direct access to each other.

Perhaps you could post on the index but check a category box to do the sorting from the larger index without having to click through pages and back. That little extra box-check would still be an extra step but less of one than jumping pages. There could be an error message if you fail to check it.

Anyway, that's my anthropological contribution: always grease the wheels of sociality.

alan k