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share my pf tale

Posted by cat on 8/29/00 at 10:56 (026603)

new to computer, hope this is how i post a message. i have been glued to this board for a week. have had heel pain for 2 months. here is my story thus far, with some relief i've found to share. long walk, bad shoes , severe heel pain solved with birkenstocks. thouhgt my problem was over, resumed normal activity. wham. horrible crippling pain. could not walk. found this site. read everything, tried heel cushions, tulis and some others. not much help. tried new balance. no help. over stretched, got achilees tendinitis from it. doubly crippled. sprained anklle by walking on toes to bathroom. triply crippled. otherwis stayed in bed and cried. this helps me:. Bromelain. I I Massage bottom of foot, some relief. warm water works better for me than ice. massage with hands and also run foot over a semi soft peach (honest -- i live in georgia) . find if i warm up and massage in morning for at least thirty minutes makes a big difference, before first step ( no matter how badly i have to go to bathroom. in fact if i have to go bad enough i crawl to bathroom in morning). have terribele cramps in plantar muscle at night. have a theory that muscle relaxers might help and will try a natural relaxer first, will try calcium magnesium to see if that helps. also am interested in someone's posting about thyroid. i have low thyroid and have been overdosed badly at times with thyroid medicine which upsets calcium so this is starting to make me say, aha, could there be a link? hope this is not too long a message. thank you scott for sarting this dialogue. thank you all for contributing. someone mentioned q e tabs for cramping. how do i get them? what else do people know about natural muscle relaxers?