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Thank you . . .

Posted by Nancy S. on 8/30/00 at 06:53 (026711)

. . . to Alan, Dr. Biehler, Pauline, Judy, Steve, Beverly, Wendy, Patty, for responding to my 'no magic' post yesterday on the Symptoms/Treatment board. I appreciate the support, and words of wisdom, and your humor Steve, wrong board or not! (At first I thought 'But doesn't he know . . .' and then I burst out laughing -- needed that!)
It's a big loss, but I do feel some peace about it this morning because I know it's the right thing for now.
I can edit part-time (can't do it full-time because the old carpal tunnel kicks in). So that will help on the financial end, and then hopefully some other creative endeavors will help spiritually and mentally.
I'm about to answer a few specific questions back on the Symptoms/Treatments Board.
Thanks everyone!