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Acu-Flex: thumbs up from my physical therapist

Posted by Nancy S. on 9/06/00 at 16:00 (027399)

Today I took the Acu-Flex and manual to therapy for my PT to look at and make recommendations for me. She studied the first several pages of the manual and said, 'This looks great!' Then I brought out the Acu-Flex itself (two of them, actually), and she exclaimed, 'Cool!' (No fashion problem for her, apparently.)
While my feet were in a deep freeze at the end of therapy, she looked over the exercises more thoroughly and recommended that for my feet right now I stick with the stretching exercises rather than strengthening (because my feet are using the cast for resting and reducing swelling and inflammation and pain). So no resistance exercises yet -- wait until after cast.
She said the toe-loop stretches are great, and they are an addition to the stretching I've been doing with a scarf -- they get at more muscles, and I can feel that when I use them, actually (without pain -- feels good).
She encouraged me to use the Acu-Flex for both stretching AND strengthening muscles in my upper legs and other body areas, starting right now.
All in all, she was quite fascinated by them and glad that I bought them. Will report more after using them more.