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Had 3/4 release on September 5, 2000.

Posted by Amy on 9/07/00 at 14:58 (027490)

Hello to all of my fellow pf suffers. Just wanted to check in. I had a 3/4 pf release on Tuesday and seem to be doing okay. I had read all the scary messages on the board and decided to go ahead with it anyway. I am in a full cast up to my knee for the next two weeks. Then I go back to my surgen to have the stiches removed and antoher cast put on. The pain was not bad the day of surgery, but I guess that it was from the numbing and pain medication at the hospital. Yesterday was really painfull if I did not have my foot proped up. I had to take pain medication most of the day. However today is much better. the pain is no where near as bad. I cant put any weight on my foot until I go back to the surgen. That's a pain in itself. If it keeps going well and my right foot keeps feeling better I will have the left one done in January. I will keep you guys posted. And thanks to all my email pals who have sent me encourging mail.