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Faciitis relief

Posted by Randy on 9/09/00 at 10:43 (027695)

I accessed the forum over a year ago. At the time I had plantar faciitis for 10 months. I was in constant pain when I walked. Of course it was 20 times worse when I got out of bed or out of a chair after sitting a while. I went to 2 different foot specialist.I had either 4 or 5 sets of cortizone shots whlel I was seeing the Doctors. The shots helped temporarily but the pain would come back. I had special orthotics made and bought a stretching boot. The orthotics caused by foot to hurt more and the boot no matter how i adjusted it caused my calf to hurt constantly. I tried tapingand stretching and alot of different ideas. I got minor relief. I constantly took different pain relievers. They helped some but I eventually developed an ulcer.
While this was going on with me my wife had an adverse reaction to some medicine causing her muscle, tendon and joint pain and damage.She went to two specialisrs who confirmed her diagnosis and sugested long drug therapy. She was reluctant because pills caused the problem. A nurse friend took her to a wellness preview and she seen these state of the art magnetic devices. She tried the insoles and her legs started feeling better almost immediatelly. Since she had this problem in her whole body, they suugested other devices like a necklace and a bed. She started feeling better in weeks and was pain free shortly after that .
I am a true Doubting Thomas. If I don't see it, I dont believe. My wife confinced me to try the insoles. There are two types ; 1 for running shoes and the pair I like the best for regular shoes/ slippers. Theregular ones besides being magnetic all the way through also have accupressure type bumps that message the feet, which invigorate me. I was reluctant even after I had seen what it had done for he, but finally tried them. Within a few days i noticed some improvement. Ialso used these special magnetic massaging balls on the bottom of my foot. With the combination of the 2 items I was back to normal within a month. Best of all I did not need the pills. Even though I am 47years old, I can now play basketball and other sports again. I had to quit because of the faciitis.
We liked the products so much we became distributors. These items are the best, they are patented and the company spends millions of dollars on research. There are othercompanys that sell magnetis items but I feel they are inferior to these items.The whole material is magnetic with this company, not sparsely placed magnets like the others. They use third generation magnetics not refrigerator magnets. This is the number one seller of magnetic products in the world.
If you would like info on these products write me and I will give you info or I will call and talk to you about these products if you email me your phone number.I do offer discounts because my wife and I want to help people.
The company is Nikken.
Email at totoboy@centurytel.net.