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PFT return via UPS

Posted by JudyS on 9/11/00 at 10:19 (027894)

As I type, I am on hold with UPS. Mike Wilmot phoned me a few moments ago and, as gracious as he was before, he let me know that he had indeed been out of town. He talked with UPS this AM and they are insisting that he pay a $24.00 'brokerage' fee for receiving the PFT package. He doesn't want to pay it so he asked me to phone UPS again. I did, I'm on hold after insisting that, this being my 10th or 12th call to them, they remove this fee. (I'm not on hold anymore..) UPS will now request of Canadian Customs and their own 'brokerage accounting' that the fee be removed. We should have that answer fairly soon. I don't know if this is a thing exclusive to Canada or what......I've shipped things internationally before with no hangups at all.