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TTS, Massage, and Chiropractic

Posted by Kim B. on 9/11/00 at 17:30 (027950)

Hi TTS folks!

Quite a while back, I had symptoms of TTS but was never offically diagnosed. Now I have very little problems with those symptoms. I think the professional massage therapist, who was doing full body masssage and some reflexology too really helped calm down the problem before it got too out of hand.

Professional foot and ankle massge alone is great, but I must admitt that having a massage all over helped the hips and legs, so I think there was a trickle down effect.

I am still a PF sufferer, (also have Fibromyalgia FM) but not having the TTS symptoms to deal with is a major break. Maybe it was just luck. Just something for you guys to consider if the opportunity comes your way. I DO know that if it is not done PROPERLY it would probably aggravate the nerves instead of making them feel better. So be careful.

In the same respect, I can see where Chiropractic Care could have a trickle down effect. Something else to think about.

Yoga and other stetching techniques seems to help my hips, legs and calves. The ankles can only bear so much on there own. Get the hips and legs feeling better, and maybe the ankles will follow.

Feel better soon.

Kim B.