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now you've all embarassed me with your kindness

Posted by alan k on 9/19/00 at 15:44 (028684)

I was really not expecting to be back on the board, at least not so soon anyway, but Judy S enticed me back in an e-mail.

First I want to thank all the people who I recently commented on for not laying anything more on top. I was really surprised-- I expected a firestorm, which I was determined not to return to the board to read. So I guess that shows I was judging you harshly too. I am very grateful for your restraint and admire it too.

Second I just want to say that I spend too much time working on AcuTai things at the expense of my career and future. Regardless of how it seems, this is not an economic venture but just an extension of an attachment to the pf internet obsession. It was good thing that Patcharee and I, two yoga-meditation practitioners, and her (not me) a practitioner of Thai massage, got pf and other troubles. That happy coincidence makes it possible for us to think how to apply that to pf, and try in our small way to do something about it. The proof is in whether it helps anyone or not. I have to take a break from the posting and web development side of it because it takes too much time and care from me right now, even though I am only about 15 hours of work away from getting our website information and pictures dream finished. We will do it, but we will have to receed a little for now.

Third, Dr. Z you pierced my heart.

Fourth, Mike and I let a little human emotion into things only because we care so much about what we are doing. Please realize that in a few posts earlier I was making comparisons of products, and that was why Mike was posting a response. He wasn't just ambushing out of no where. Regardless of how it seemed to seem, most of what we were talking about were substantive issues about how to approach pf self treatment. Please do forgive us both, and try to understand what happens when humans care enough to do something, and how much work and sacrifice can be involved. I am pretty sure Mike could make more profit doing other stuff than attending to PFT, and I know I could, just like Dr. Z, more obviously than anyone, could gain more doing other things. Many of you are 'addicted' to the message board and so can perfectly understand how people feel about not letting go of chances for any possible solutions to this to fit every single case.

see you in the near future,