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3rd PT Visit

Posted by Barb-NY (formally just Barbara) on 9/20/00 at 13:08 (028750)

Well, I just finished my 3rd PT session and ouch!!! Not a bad ouch, a good old-fashioned, charley horse ouch. It feels soooooo good.

My PT has been concentrating on my hips and knees, to try to loosen then up and regain my range-of-motion. He measures my range-of-mothion with a guage and there is definately an improvement. My knees hurt a little, but then they always hurt (chondomalatia patella or runners knee for 25 years). He also has me doing different exercises, with and without machines, to strengthen and stretch my calves, hamstrings and feet muscles.

The bottom line....I have no pain in my left arch, only slight pain in my right arch, slight pain in both heels, less pain in my left achilles, and I can walk and stand longer. It's working!!! (I just don't want to jinx myself. Every time I tell someone that it's feeling better, it gets worse.) I still have pain in my arches when I flex my foot and push on THE spots. But, walking pain is gone or reduced.

The tunnel is getting shorter.