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Free accomodations for ESWT Orthowave trial

Posted by alan k on 9/23/00 at 12:34 (028949)

I was just about to post this last week but then found this certain post on the message board, and then I responded to it (which I so wish I hadn't)... and then I thought it would be too complicated at that moment.

Patcharee and I would like to invite you to crash at our home which is near the Orthowave ESWT trials. We figured people might not take advantage of the free treatments because they do not live close enough. The cost of the 2,000 dollar plus treatment would then only be the cost of transporting yourself to pick-up distance from our house (actually it belongs to the college I teach at). Railroad is five minutes away, airport 40 minutes.

The hospital is right off the highway two hours from our house by car. I would drive you there if you do not arrive by car.

I would especially like it if some of the people whom I disturbed would take us up on the offer. Don't let any stupid thing going on in my head get in the way of what may change your whole life. A big hug will not cost extra. As my teacher says, we are all friends in suffering.

Now about ESWT and the trials:

As I posted a few weeks ago, I have been having periodic flare-ups in one foot ever since using 'massage sandals' in the shower, followed by too quick a return to yoga (a vigorous, jumping around form we practice-- don't worry to much about your local yoga class). I also have come to seriously doubt that tts is my condition, since speaking to more doctors and after Dr. Z posted on how unlikely he felt bilateral tts was, and then thinking how further unlikely bi-marriage partner/ bilateral tts was. Also Dr. B was posting about fluid or edema build-up which could cause generalized nerve-like pain from pf, which seems like what I have. My recent flare-ups, though not particularly painful, were a little more similar to classic pf than previously, which was not like classic pf before. So I said what the heck and went for a free treatment.

I have to say that ESWT is absolutely amazing. This is why you have to come over and get it. The treatment is a little uncomfortable even with anaesthetic, kind of like going to the dentists, but quicker. It is really nothing to be afraid of, in terms of discomfort. It is not a big deal at all, speaking from an un-informed lay persons perspective, except for the price.

After the treatment my heel was extremely hot to the touch, blood and energy rushing in like a massage times 1,000. I don't know if it will do a thing for me, because I am not sure what is wrong with me even though I have been diagnosed with pf and few other other things from time to time, but I am convinced it will help lots of people. Dr. Z is like a lone voice in the wilderness now but he will be proven right in the end. I am an even huger fan of Dr. Z now.

I have some soreness left over from the treatment after one week and do think something has changed in the nature of the general achiness I have in my foot. The orthowave treatment is for 400 seconds, a lot shorter than the other ESWT treatments, and probably less of a trauma. The shock waves are more intense, but there are less of them. There is a second treatment two weeks later. I have no idea which way of doing it is best, but this one is free. I am a little disappointed that the soreness isn't lasting as long as what seems to be the case with other kinds of treatments (only about a week for me), but maybe the second treatment following so soon after will be a good feature. Plus it is free.
There is a chance of getting a placebo, one must realize. I don't know what the odds are. Both myself and the lady that went the same day as me and sat next to me probably did not get placebos, judging from what we said.

Right now I have a book deadline with a publisher for a book I am writing on Thai Buddhist meditation and politics. We thought we could accept visitors on the first weekend AFTER oct. 15, (I don't have a calendar right now,) and then a follow up visit two weeks later, and then the last follow-up (check-up only) is six weeks after that. The treatments are on saturday, and you could stay friday night and then take off after the treatment.

This is the only set of weekends we can swing it, but there is plenty of time to get scheduled over there for those weekends (the first one after Oct 15, and two weeks later), if they still have spots (probably they do). Look for Bob Ray's recent post for contact info.

Unfortunately right after I got the treatment I got back to the message board to find a post by Elise, I think, who after my year and a half of searching helped me find a possible, other explanation for my wife and I's ailments. Undifferentiated spondylo arthropathy which often attacks the hands, heels, and hips and buttocks (with sciatica like pain), which matches me perfectly. I wouldn't have gone for the ESWT if I had that info earlier, but any way I am glad I went because whatever is behind my behind, hands, and lately one of my heels, this might help as the doctor explained that ESWT may work by encouraging proper immune response, and the spondylo arthropathy is an immune response problem. Patcharee is cured though, except for her hands.

Anyway, e-mail for more info about crashing (and I do mean crash, it's a small house.). Also, the doctors told Nancy N that she might go ahead and try Acu-Flex along with the treatment, so we won't stop you from ordering it! But it's not required to come over. Offer includes authentic Thai food.

alan k