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Back from vacation... progress report

Posted by Joopie on 9/25/00 at 02:42 (029091)

Hi everyone. Got back from 10 day vacation to Canada. Used my cane for most of the trip. Started taking the Celebrex - thanks Dr. Biehler for the warning about being very careful walking because the Celebrex might mask the pain. I also have it wrapped with an ace which helps cut down on the swelling. I was very careful. The Celebrex did wonders for the pain. It's the first time I have had some pain-free moments in many months. I was even able to CAREFULLY walk on trails down to the ocean - cane in hand. Took it all very slowly. I have the Celebrex for 40 days total. That's all my health coverage will cover. After that, we'll see if the pain stays less or gone. I'm a little apprehensive. While on vacation I rested quite a bit. Not nearly the walking I do daily at work. We'll see if it continues to work so well when I go back to work on Tuesday. I am also going to set up my appointment with physical therapy tomorrow - it'll take a week or more to get an appointment. Meanwhile, I am stretching and exercising the feet. Can still feel some of the tibial tendonitis, as well as the peronial tendonitis.