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I'm Back!

Posted by Joopie on 9/25/00 at 16:41 (029124)

Hi everyone. Had a GREAT trip in Canada - used my cane most of the time. Was able to 'hike' (read: walk slowly for 500 yards on a dirt walkway...)on a trail and met a wild bear.... so so cool. Sat down (feet said thank you) in a small pontoon boat and was surrounded by beautiful (BIG) Orcas (killer whales). No foot pain during that adventure. My doc had given me Celebrex for the first time, and it really helped decrease the pain and discomfort. I can only have it for 40 days as covered by my HMO. We'll see what happens after that. Am noticing some increased pain now in a NEW spot above my ankle, where it is red and hot. God only knows what THAT is. Can't start physical therapy for another 10 days - new patient appointments are hard to get. If I could just get rid of this incessant (sp) ache from the calf down. And the swelling is still happening.

Talked to my general doc today just to update her on my feet. Unlike my pod, she was pleased I am involved in a pain group. Nice to have her support.

I start back to work tomorrow - in a nursing home where I walk all day long. Not looking forward to the outcome on my feet. AM looking forward to seeing all the residents again, though.

Others on Celebrex - when you went off it, did your symptoms return? Just curious what to expect.

Thanks for listening to my babble.

- Joopie (my little parakeet calls me that - he made it up)