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Cortisone Shots

Posted by Pauline on 10/02/00 at 16:58 (029616)

I have an observation to discuss. In 1993 when my first case of PF
hit I had to wait about 4 to 6 weeks to see the Ortho for treatment.
Several more weeks passed before I finally received a Cortisone shot
in each foot then went on to Physical therapy. Two 1/2 years later
the PF left.

This time I got into the Dr. office with in a week, I begged for a shot in each foot because we were leaving for Europe and he put the
Cortisone in each foot. Although I did not get an immediate cure my case of PF did not get as bad as the first time I experienced it. I returned from Europe in four days and got into Physical Therapy a week later. Comparing each time, I think early intervention seemed
to provide better results. I think the injections although not providing complete relief may have prevented it from getting worse
and then jumping into PT slowed its progression.

I went back for check up today and Dr. had a hard time finding tender areas. It's still there but much better and I feel it will go away
without surgery and I keep stretching and doing the muscle release technique that we learned. Those of you that have had it more than once can you confirm my findings?