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Bayshore ESWT Pain Clinic offers 'laser' therapy to help speed recovery

Posted by Heidi on 10/06/00 at 13:36 (029943)

Bayshore's ESWT clinic in Markham, Ontario, Canada has recently added Low energy photon therapy - LEPT (laser) to our ESWT treatment plan. We have found that we can shorten the 6 week recovery period post ESWT treatment to 3 weeks with the help of LEPT. We are getting runners back to running, tennis players back to tennis, etc a lot faster now.

Because we use in-line ultrasound, our treatments are very specific and very effective. There is no damage to surrounding tissue which means a much more speedy recovery. With the addition of LEPT, recovery is now even faster!!!

I am excited about the effectiveness of both ESWT and LEPT together. If anyone has any questions about the combination, feel free to contact me at eswt.markham@bayshore.ca

I look forward to hearing from you...