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Try the new crosstrainer WX608 by New Balance. They are wonderful.

Posted by Lynn S. on 10/07/00 at 13:42 (030003)

I just bought the New Balance Cross Trainer WX608 which is an upgrade to the old 606. I think it's MX608 for men. The shoe is fantastic. It comes in all white leather, or mesh and leather. It's also very reasonable in price (around $60.00). They run a little narrower than old 606's, so I bought a D width. I also wanted a black pair which is only made for men, so I bought the men's shoe which run's on a slightly narrower D last, but still fit. (just size down around 1 1/2 sizes) I think this shoe is incredible. I've tried almost every athletic shoe on the market from running to cross training, and this shoe is the best. I got instant releif from my heel pain when I put these on, because of the support, and lift. The 608 is more supportive through the arch than the 606, yet the forefoot is more flexible, and more cushioned, because NB is using a better injected molded EVA. They also added a small absorb pad in the heel that the 606 didn't have, yet the heel cushioning is still firm, yet cushioned. This is the first shoe that felt better without my orthotics, which I'm trying to ween myself off of. They run small, so make sure to size up 1 full size. My foot doctor was impressed with them, and said if my heel starts to bother me just put in one of the Bauerfeind ViscoSpot heel cups. I bought them too, and think they are the most wonderful things that were ever invented, but I don't think I need them with this shoe. I may use them for other shoes. Don't buy any cheap heel cups, they don't heve the support that these do. My friend, who is a slight pronator uses the ViscoSpots on top of the superfeet orthotics for a little additional support, and swears this combo cured her, but my arch is high so I can't wear the superfeet, because they supinate me more. P.S. Last year New Balance, came out with the 607 which didn't stick around very long. It's awful, and nothing like the 608. So if you find any around in somes discount stores don't buy it. It was too squishy. I don't work for New Balance, or have any connection with them, or the other products I mentioned.