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Dear Dr. Zuckerman

Posted by Jonathan Kay on 10/11/00 at 22:57 (030349)

Dear Doctor Zuckerman,

Thank you very much for answering my questions. I have two more quick questions for you. Firstly, how much research has been done in the effectiveness of the Orbasone on the wrist tissues? It seems to me that this message board is focused on the use of ESWT for foot injuries (pf). Is there very much research coming from Europe regarding the effectiveness of the treatments on the wrist tissues?
Secondly, what makes you reccommend the Orbasone over the Ossatron.
I plan to research both machines. I also plan to recieve addition treatments with the Sonocur, if I feel that this machine is helping me. I will wait for at least two months after the last treatment to see if it is working. If not, I will seek alternatives. My only concerns are the expense of the Orbasone, the risk, and whether it would be ineffective. I wonder if the difference between the higher intensity ESWT and the lower energy is the same difference between regular and light beer. If you drink a pint of beer with 8 percent alcohol and two pints with 4 percent, would that not equal the same alcoholic content.
In other words if (hypothetically) six Sonocur treatments equals three Orbasone treatments, if the Sonocur does not work, why would the Orbasone work either?
I realise this is highly speculative, simplictic logic but I'm talking about spending a lot more money with unceratin results.

Thank you for your interest and quick response,

Jonathan Kay