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removable walking cast.... some questions

Posted by Lori E. on 10/12/00 at 14:06 (030371)

I just got a removable walking cast from my new pod. I am wondering how it worked for the other people on this board? I think this is the last treatment left before ESWT or surgery. I have had PF in both feet for almost 15 months now.
I am supposed to wear it on my left foot during the day and then use my nightsplint on alternating feet at night. What about exercising? I am up to 17 min. on the exercise bike again, and don't want my muscles to atrophy. I also want to keep my weight under control. I have been trying to loose weight to reduce the pressure on my feet, but haven't been able to loose more than 20 lbs. due to the reduction in my exercise options. I also added yoga(sitting postions) and weight lifting for my arms.
I changed back to my Dansko shoes to even out the height difference when wearing the cast. I hope this will avert any hip and back problems. Any info would be appreciated.