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Plantaris Tendon Popped...again

Posted by Barb-NY on 10/21/00 at 13:18 (030978)

I've had PF and AT for almost 8 months now. Along with these conditions, I have also suffered from plantaris tendon ruptures in my left ankle. Yesterday it popped for the 3rd time. All I did was flex my foot a little. It hurts a little, but doesn't interfer with the function of my foot or walking. The pain usually subsides within a week. The previous 2 times it popped I went to my Ortho, but he didn't seem too concerned about it. I don't know if I should go to him again for this rupture. My questions to you are: Is this something that can continue to happen the rest of my life? Should I be concerned? What can happen in the future if left untreated and if it contines to pop?

I've been in PT for a month. My AT is gone and my PF is getting much better. I thought the plantaris was stronger and wouldn't pop again, but it did.

I appreciate your thoughts on this matter.