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Recovering from heel spur removal and repair of achilles tendon

Posted by Debra G on 10/21/00 at 23:26 (030994)

Dr B..Dr Z...

Well..i had my surg 7 weeks ago (posted about it)ok..so i got my cast off last weds..i am now using a walking cast (boot)..i was very disappointed i could not put down any more weight than i could on it..i know i am probably being impatient..and i have done everything just as dr advised..but wondering just how long it will be (approx)before i actually get to walk without crutches or a walker??? The only therapy I am doing is what he suggested..and that is stretches with the pink band. The pain is soooo bad on bottom of heel (spur was on back of heel and that is what ruptured tendon) is this bad pain from where they *tacked* the tendon back..and by the way, what do you use to attach tendon back..sorta feels like big huge thumbtacks! ha ha Any comments are greatly appreciated..you guys are great!!