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To Barbara TX/Reply

Posted by Beverly on 10/22/00 at 19:39 (031036)


Just noticed you asked me a question a few days ago.

No, I have not discounted my theory that Floxin may be at the heart of muscular problems and the tendonitis. But remember, Floxin is an antibiotic with documented cases of ruptured achilles tendons. (Or at least that is what I read in 'The Dallas Morning News.')

I know next to zip about Celebrex, but it is a totally different kind of drug. I take a similar anti-inflammatory, Vioxx. I have a very tender tummy and Vioxx is the only thing that has not bothered me.
However, if I get real stressed out and/or have a bad stomach week, I play it safe and back off from the Vioxx.
I have no idea if Vioxx actually does me any good. Sometimes I think it does. If nothing else, I hope it is reducing inflammation.

Take care,