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The Lawyer had Heel Pain, too

Posted by Bob G. on 10/29/00 at 01:33 (031555)

A doctor, attorney and architect were having a friendly discussion over drinks about the relative ancientness of their professions. Who had the oldest profession?

The doctor lead off, 'On Adam's first day, the Lord God put him into a deep sleep, removed a rib - and from the rib created a woman. Therefore, Medicine is the world's oldest profession.'

'Wait a minute!' butted in the architect, 'On the very first day of creation, clearly at least seven days before the removal of Adam's rib, the Lord God created Heaven and Earth out of chaos. That had to have been a structural feat, therefore, architecture should take pride of place.'

'Ah, yes,' purred the attorney, 'and who do you think created the chaos?'