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Looking for Naots

Posted by Libby on 11/10/00 at 10:14 (032430)

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Some Questions View Thread
Posted by BillE on 11/10/00 at 10:19

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Re: ESWT in Canada View Thread
Posted by David Lowy on 11/10/00 at 11:07

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Posted by john h on 11/10/00 at 11:33

dr z you are 'right on'! if this board were strictly for heel pain it would not be half the board it is. after a few years i almost feel i know many of the regulars better than people i associate with on a regular basis. i sense when they suffer, know something about their families,their likes and dislikes, how their moods shift from week to week,etc. i would like to have you all as neighbors because you all (thats southern) seem bright,expressive,and fun inpspite of living with the very terrible disease of pf or tts. it is both amazing and wonderful that i can communicate on a daily basis with people in england,australia,canada and all parts of the united states. if al gore invented the internet then god bless you al gore