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Posted by Chris B on 11/11/00 at 09:27 (032505)

They say that things happen for a reason.... I was scheduled to have surgery (partial release and removal of bone spur) on my right foot 11/15. On November 1st, I thought that I was at the bottom of the stairs when I wasn't. -had 2 steps to go. I fell with all of my weight on my right foot and leg. -trauma to my whole leg. I'm still on crutches, an MRI has been scheduled for Monday of my rt. knee, see an orthopedic surgeon the following week, and my foot surgery is cancelled. I thought it was hard to teach with painful feet- this is ridiculous! My heels are in worse pain, but it is nothing compared with the rest of my leg. I'm trying to see the positive side of this. Maybe I wasn't suppose to get the foot surgery yet?????????