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new diagnosis, unsure if correct and of best steps

Posted by Nanci A. on 11/14/00 at 17:54 (032740)

I was just diagnosed with pf by a new Kaiser dr. who I wasn't too crazy about. I'm wondering if I REALLY have it, or if it's possibly something else -- esp. after reading this site for a while.

I don't have more pain in the morning, I'm not particularly overweight, I can lift the balls of my feet up >30 degrees, and the pain started in the center of the bottom of my feet under/just behind the ball. The bottom of my foot nearer the back is sore, but not as bad as that arch/ball area.

When I first felt this pain (which is tingly/sore) about 2 weeks ago, I thought I must not be stretching my feet enough when I do aerobics and thus started stretching a lot around the house and so forth. A week later my left foot started hurting during aerobics, but it seemed to be focused on my ankle, which didn't really hurt that much but felt weak somehow.

Other info: I have sciatica (on side with the much-less-affected foot) and, since my pregnancies, tend in general to have joint injuries and many weird neurological things (my p.t. and otolaryngologist have both said I have a sensitive nervous system).

At any rate, a week later here I am. I've done no exercise and halfheartedly tried to keep off my feet (at home mom of 3 and 5 year old -- off my feet? YEAH RIGHT!). I went to the dr today. She prescribed ice, naproxen (sp?), dr. sholls ( I bought dyna step), better shoes, as much rest as possible, no heat, calf stretches and said it would take a couple of months. She didn't say anything about my ankle which still has a kind of weird, off-on again, fragile kind of pain on my left foot -- does pf radiate up??

So, here are my questions (and thank you very much for your attention to this long message):

Are my symptom patterns normal for pf? Second opinion needed?
Treatment recommended good/sufficient?

Thank you very much.