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Posted by Julie F on 11/16/00 at 05:17 (032835)

I've made a few disparaging remarks recently about GPs and their lack of knowledge about PF and other foot problems. I just want to make it clear that I'm aware it isn't their fault they don't have that specialized knowledge. They haven't trained as specialists, so they know a little about a lot of things: that is their job. And a good GP ought to be able to say 'I don't know a lot about this whatever-it-is so I'm going to refer you to someone who does'. But they don't always, and it does make me angry when, knowing nothing about conservative treatment strategies, they do the one thing they do know how to do, which is give cortisone shots. And even podiatrists, who should know better, do this - look at Heather's experience on the Support board!

Aren't we who have found this website fortunate! Thank goodness for the internet, and the possibility of arming ourselves with the kind and depth of information that enables us to find the help we need.