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Posted by Annabel M on 11/22/00 at 20:56 (033339)

Thanks for letting me live in one of the most beautiful places on this earth. A place where everyone takes time, makes time , to stop and say what's new,
Thanks for the seasons, for the smell of fresh cut hay and the winds blowing through the pines. For the sound of swollen creeks in the spring and the rustling aspen groves in the fall.
Thanks for heifers in the meadows, deer in the garden ,cats in the shed ,birds at the feeder,wild turkey, and big horn sheep.. Thanks for family, and friends who feel like family.
Thanks expecially, for no traffic jams, no shopping malls, and no skyscrapers. And thanks for allowing us to leave the backdoor unlocked when we're away from home
Thanks to Dr. Zuckerman and his staff for the RELIEF from pain. And thanks for Thanksgiving, which reminds us all how much we really have to be thankful for.