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Sorry Jimbo- I missed your pain.

Posted by Dr. Zuckerman on 12/11/00 at 03:44 (034658)

For some reason I missed the jimo discussion but I have e-mailed him about my thoughts on RSD. If you think you have RSD and there is any doubt then treat it as RSD. Epidural nerve block or even posterior tibial nerve blocks. Physical therapy, water therapy. I also read John H at least taping, removeable cast. should be tried . Orthosis such as the power steps are very good to start out with.

I am been alittle amiss at looking at all of the sections on this board
I usually go to all of the index of message. but this link was so long and my wife was getting mad at my time in Paris at the Cyber Cafe. I kept telling her there was no drinking. I finally got her to spend some time with me there. She was bored. When my wife can't sleep she asks me to talk about feet and within five minutes she is out like a light. Anyway. i have my computers up and I am back in the good old USA