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about those night splints.....

Posted by JudyS on 12/11/00 at 21:56 (034712)

just to correct a misperception I may have created about my use of the night splint;
I really don't think the splint itself cause the severe cramp in my arch, I think it was me. I was pretty negative about using it (one more stupid PF thing to deal with.....or so I thought) and, because I was resentful and uncomfortable, I think I kept my foot pretty rigid which, I think, caused the cramp. That particular part of my arch is still the most problematic thing for me and it's easily exacerbated by orthotics. I actually think it began when there was a hard cast on it, then the nite splint, then the orthotics. It simply became a whole 'nuther 'itis'.
Anyway, there are so many good experiences related here about the nite splint, especially the J & J one, so I wouldn't want my experience to deter anyone. BTW, TexBev, I did the same thing as you, when I couldn't sleep with it on at first, I used it while I was sitting in my recliner watching TV instead.