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Inital Treatment

Posted by William B. on 12/12/00 at 08:25 (034746)

Well it has been three weeks since I have posted my first and only message to this wonderful site that I found by simply typing 'heel spurs' into the Alta-Vista search engine. Yes. My right heel. I now know I have a heel spur and possible pf combo...saw the spur on the x-rays myself. I got daypro and cortizone. I felt a little better in two days. I could barely walk before. yes, barely walk. I have stared to treat myself with the taping and stretching and massaging (I downloaded Scott's valuable little taping video). For now, I use Dr.Scholls sports insole w/ an arch support and heel pads. I went to Acadamy and tried on 10 different pairs of shoes until I found a pair that I liked. Brooks seems to fit well. I did not like New balance as well. I work a job that requires me to stand-so I am in some pain at the end of the night. But my routine helps some. Those brooks shoes are a godsend. I work out alot, but now I have to do most of my weight training 'off' of my feet..on a bench sitting with dumbells. I sometimes fear losing my job. I have called in sick four times already because of the pain....some people dont believe the amount of pain I say that can be associated with this problem. I have decided to kick this thing in the ass.....I will get better, but it is so neat that I can read these boards and what the Dr.'s have to say, as well as the people with PF and the like. Nice website for sure!....I'll keep posted.