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to Beverly.............the sound

Posted by Kay S on 1/03/01 at 19:33 (035878)

By jove, I think we've got it! I was opening a package today that was packed in that bubble wrap stuff. I couldn't resist popping it like the kids do, and voila! there it was!!!! (the sound of the ESWT) The ESWT may be just a tad louder, but not much. My husband thought the same thing when he heard me popping.
Now I feel better that I have given an appropriate description.
Hey! I'm glad you seem to be getting better. I think all of your good/bad/relapse cycle is just part of the process. Perhaps it would be better if you assessed your healing in weeks rather than days so you can have a better handle on which direction you are going. (the right direction)
Isn't the move coming up very soon?