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still having pain..

Posted by Jan w on 1/05/01 at 19:17 (035995)

Dear DR. how commom is it to have plantar facitis in both feet? mine is going on 4 months now.I was on vacation for 8 days taking it easy my feet felt better(not cured but better) and the day I got back to work and did 8 hrs on my feet I am back to where I started. I put the walking boot back on my foot, I know it sounds crazy but I really need to wear 2 boots, I am sure i would look like a nut..though..I have been going to physical therapy but felt it was kind of like a waste of money to go in after .working all day on my feet and have her rub a cortisone cream on my foot,it seems like the pain is already set in after all those hours.I am now paying 80.00 a month for therapy and then he gave me an insert to try for 25.00 it had a bump on the arch and caused terrible pain!!!He wants me to see a rheumatologist although my sed rate was 10. I don't get it I NEVER THOUGHT i WOULD GET SO FRUSTRATED OVER THIS P.F. CONDITON, IT JUST SEEMS LIKE i WILL NEVER WALK NORMAL WITH OUT pain again..How common is this conditionm? How many people get it in both feet??How long does this usually last ( a severe case of plantar fascitis) he mentioned surgery but there is no way I will do that.. thanks..sorry if it sounds like I am developing aN ATTITUD but This just gets to you after awhile.... Jan