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Graston Therapy

Posted by suzi d on 1/10/01 at 01:01 (036278)

hi. it's been a while since i've visited, but i have some information that might be beneficial to others. i've had pf since 08/99 and have been to numerous doctors, had #'s of orthodicts, meds, casts, canes and pt. i've relocated to another state, found another doctor and had more pt. only this time it was graston. a therapy developed by brain injured football players. (or 18th century torturers) but, it works. the theory is to use these special stainless steel instruments and minipulate scar tissue that is built up in the calf, ankle and foot. what the therapist does is rub the scar tissue out with tools that look like torture devices. it hurts like hell. you bruise and you cry and you wonder why it's worth it. but, it's the only thing that has helped me. i had it done about 16 times when my pt said she couldn't find any more 'spots' to do. i was still having a little pain and my specialist prescribed Arthrotec, which had me painfree the next day. i've been on that for about a month and my pain is starting to creep back a little bit. partly because i have forgotten to do my stretches because i've felt so great and i've been on my feet waaayyy too much because i've felt so great. what a problem to have, huh??? so, it's my fault i think that the pain is coming back. i see my doc sat and i'm going to talk to a chiro on monday because i don't want to be on medication forever even though it is helping so much. we'll see what happens. i hope this will help someone. pf is such an inhibitor to life. i am scared to death that the whole thing will come back. and if it does, i'll get more graston done.