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Clogs for those with low arch(flat foot) and heel pain.

Posted by Rene L. on 1/11/01 at 00:52 (036382)

Tried Birkenstock in TIP TOP Shoe Store (Manhattan,NY)- not suitable for a low-arched (flat)foot. Purchased a pair of Dansko open-back leather clogs that felt fine in store and were torturous at home-(I must comment, however, that were were good looking and very well made)and therefore $110 wasted. Returned to same store because generally their selection of shoes are human-friendly. This time purchased HAFLINGER (German) boiled wool open-back clogs for $85. These have proved to be wide enough, provided arch support for my low arches and (in conjunction with ibuprofen therapy)allowed me to walk without heel pain as well as with full range-of-motion for the foot. However, that first pair that I purchased have now become my outdoors pair to wear in cold weather with heavy socks. That is because they have a tendency to give a bit with wear and when I purchased them I did so with a swollen foot. Returned to store and bought the same clogs, but in one size smaller. So now my feet only hurt in the morning upon arising when I scamper barefooted to the bathrooom without the HAFLINGERS.... Before all this-about two months ago- my pain was such that I could walk very little- an 8 or 9 on the 1-10 pain severity index. I believe that comfortable, supportive clogs and the ibuprofen are two important factors in my feet and me feeling far better. The pain is there, but minimal- maybe a 2-3 instead. Hope this anecdotal report helps someone.