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Home Messager Unit

Posted by Connie T. on 1/15/01 at 17:37 (036646)

I received a foot bath/messager for Christmas. I used it twice and ended up in such pain after that I'm taking it back. There are footpads in the bottom of the unit with little knobs on them that vibrate and they hurt like crazy. I thought maybe there would be some relief after a couple of times but no such luck--so much for no pain no gain! I've been through ALL the treatments including two endoscopic surgeries and two invasive types with no luck. My doctor is suggesting cutting the nerve but I don't know how this would help the pain, swelling, and stiffness I'm experiencing. I have a handicap sticker, wear Birkenstocks ALL THE TIME, and take Naprosyn. My doctor had two people who didn't respond to any treatment--and I'm one of them.