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Just wondering(Planterfascia Surgery)

Posted by Tracey A on 1/19/01 at 17:10 (036870)

Dear doctors, I have a little story tell me if I have reason for concern. I went to a new doctor on 1-16-01 because I was still having alot of pain in my heel after having 2 open-heeled surgeries. This doctor was upset by the way the scar was on my foot. He said the numbness in my heel was due to the doctor cutting my nerves and he says this is permanent and I must live with and attend pain management. Plus with the incision going under the foot they also cut blood vessels and the blood in my heel has no where to go its discolored and that I must live with too. This doctor did'nt have a problem telling me at the appointment what had happened to my foot but he has a problem putting down on paper for my long term disability,they need something in writing to process my claim. Why is so hard for a doctor to step up when some other doctor screwed up. My foot will never be the same and I know it's not my fault. I trusted these doctors and I thought I was in good hands. I think it's important for people to step up when they know something is'nt right. I would have never had surgery if I had been given the option for other treatments. Why is there such a brotherhood between doctors? Tracey A