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Vit. Shoppe Store

Posted by wanda m on 1/24/01 at 16:20 (037248)

hey everybody just checking in i am the gal that is going to dr shandles in tampa, fl. getting the B12 shots in nerves. Dr shandles feels the scar tissue has moved some in my ankle area, or at least to a layman its not hurting in the same place as last wk. Talked to a lady in waiting room and she stated she had 13 shots before it started working but it does work, she and her husband both said she crawled in Dr Shandles office before the shots, she said dont give up and they will work for me and then he will put me in orthodics. Dr Z i told him about you and he was very excited about all of this for he lives and breathes feet. He promised me he would get on line with all of us soon they have a new baby and its took alot of his time.
There is a new Vit. Shoppe store opned in Tampa for all u flordia folks and they have great prices its great having them there