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Posted by WANDA M on 1/29/01 at 16:08 (037682)

thought i would drop a line and let yall know how the treatment is going, since its new to sounding board, i believe. I have had my 4 shot in the nerves in both feet, still dont feel alot of difference Dr Shandles says this is quite normal. The shots dont hurt for he freeze the area and then gives the shot, but last tuesday i did feel something that was weird not the norm i could feel something happening to my feet , it lasted (the feeling) about 2 days and then the pain came back. I have 100% TT. If you will read the post called (vit shoppe) you will find a little more info. Dr Shandles says he can see where the area of pain is moving and what the b-12 does is shrink scar tissue and frees the nerve again without surgey. He has great results with this .