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Heel fat pad fibroid or bursitis

Posted by calvin on 2/01/01 at 22:17 (038030)

I had an open planter fascaotomy right heel in 1996 with no improvement. I believe in 1999 i found the cause of heel pain.
I discovered a lump in rear of right heel pad. It is quite difficult for others to feel but i can feel it plainly. After trying several drs, for success in feeling this lump, I requested an mri which showed nothing. Finally a nurse practioner could feel it and then my family physcian tried harder and he could feel it. I went back to podiatrist who did surgery and he could feel it. He said that some of the fat pad had turned fibroid and surgery was out as there would be nothing left there. Said it did not show on mri because its normal tissue turned hard. Question could this be a fluid filled bursa? It is very painful after just a few steps and then even lasts when of it. Do you know of any surgerys or treatments for this condition. could possibly an ossotron help? I have noticed nothing mentioned of fibroids on the heel in the many posts iv'e read. I have seen posts on thing heel pads. If this had been bursitis would it have shown up om mri.
Any suggestions for relief please. I live in maine any i sure there may be much more in different parts of country.
Sorry for the long post