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Please either email me or post to the doctors only board etc.

Posted by Dr. Zuckerman on 2/07/01 at 19:56 (038388)

I missed this message and finally found it today. I do try to look at all of the messages even the social board. I really don't mind and actually enjoy helping just missed this one.

I was thinking of a system where this won't happen. How about yelling Dr. Z get your !@$!% over to this question. OR maybe we could form some kind of team where there are people that point questions to this person or this board.

IT would be like a emergency room where the nurse screening the posts and then get the right pf patient to the right section.

I want to thank all of the pf people who do help to answe all of the posting from new comers. I really appreciate the help on the doctors only.

So anybody have some ideas about forming a team . We could even take heelspurs.com call.